Capital has a navigation menu that’s great for stores with large inventories. If you are looking to customize the navigation menus, these settings tie in with Capital’s departments features. You should set up departments before configuration the navigation settings.

See Departments for more information.

Enable departments navigation

From your navigation menus, choose a menu that defines the departments in your store. For more information, see Departments.

Enable departments navigation image

Select this checkbox to turn on the departments navigation image. When the navigation menu is open, an image is displayed within it.
You can upload an image using the upload form below.

Choose image

Upload an image to use in the departments navigation menu. When the navigation menu is open, this image is display within it.

When the departments navigation menu is open, you can choose to display an image within it using the  Enable departments navigation image checkbox and the Choose image upload form. When enabled, the image appears right-aligned inside the menu. Here’s an example of what this looks like in a shop using Capital:

The departments navigation image enabled

See our recommended image dimensions for your departments' navigation (and every other image in Capital) on the Image dimensions page.

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