Capital’s cart layout makes for a streamlined, responsive path to checkout. It displays an easy-to-read summary of the product information in the cart. Customers are not likely to order the wrong size, color, or quantity of their items.

Cart with two items

You can change how the cart appears to customers from Capital’s theme settings. To access the cart settings, preview the cart page while you are customizing Capital and choose  Cart content from the list of available sections.

Settings include a shipping rate calculator, an order message form for customers, and a recently viewed products widget.

Cart with recently viewed products area turned on

Shipping rate calculator


Select this checkbox to enable the shipping calculator. This adds an Estimate shipping link to the cart page so that customers can calculate shipping costs.

Default country

Enter the name of a country that should be used by default to calculate shipping. You can see a list of available countries by enabling the shipping rate calculator using the Enable checkbox and looking through the Country dropdown menu in the cart page’s preview.

Order message


Select this checkbox to enable an Add special instructions link to the cart. Customers can use this link to add an order message that is delivered to you once their order has been placed.

Recently viewed

Show recently viewed products

Select this checkbox to enable a recently viewed products area on the cart page. Note that in order to track recently viewed products, this setting must also be enabled within the Product content section.
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