Capital’s collections are built to handle lots of products. Capital uses the typical product collection features you’ve come to expect from Shopify. 

Shopify has a guide to collections on their help center: 

Building product collections.

  • See our recommended image dimensions for your collection images (and every other image in Capital) on the Image dimensions page.
  • For more information about how product collections can be configured specifically in Capital, see Collection.
  • For more information about the lookbook collection template, see Lookbook collections.

Below are a few images of how you can expect your product collections to look when you’re using Capital.

If you are viewing a list of collections:

List of collections

List of collections on a mobile device

If you are viewing a single collection:

A single collection

A single collection on a mobile device

Lookbook collections

There is a special collection template for any collection you want to stand out, be it for a special event, a special product line, or to showcase products that go well together. You can learn how to set up a lookbook-style collection from the Lookbook collections article.

Lookbook collections enabled

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