All the public releases of Capital, outlining bug fixes, theme updates and new features.

Version 6 16th January 2020

  • Expand functionality and options for 'Featured collections' section
  • Translated into English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Added in Routes property
  • Product page image right aligned in Berlin demo
  • Match onboarding font size with user specified size
  • Spacing improvement between 'sold out' button
  • Mega menu full width when header is full bleed
  • Footer content fills space when less than 4 columns
  • Editable titles in footer blocks
  • Allow 'Image with text overlay' text to display even if no header is present
  • Ensure featured product image shows on load
  • Link product images in grid (collection page etc) to product page
  • Logo and navigation to use 'header' font not 'body' font
  • Products per row setting reflected when no sidebar enabled
  • Option to add or remove titles on homepage sections
  • Enable variant switching when clicking product thumbnails
  • Featured collections enhanced functionality - info on hover or below, view more button, number of items per row, number of rows
  • Onboarding wording improvements
  • Switched background images to standard images
  • Ensured 'Map address and hours' always show
  • Added a message to guide the user on how to upload a map
  • Allow filtering to work with uppercase tags
  • Add an option to show Collection description on the collection page
  • Improved "Added to cart" alert position so always visible
  • Button text alignment improvement
  • Fix header onboarding configuration and duplicate colour reference
  • Title option for all homepage sections
  • Options to choose badge colours (Sale, New, Sold out, Low stock, Best selling)
  • Highlight chosen variants on product page
  • Slight demo layout tweaks

Version 5.0.4 19th November 2019

  • Improve onboarding layout

Version 5.0.3 18th November 2019

  • Show search form on search page
  • Improve text alignment on logo text
  • Feature product slider text updated to follow typography settings
  • Feature product header updated to H2

Version 5.0.2 7th October 2019

  • Remove footer theme reference
  • Change default preset to Sofia

Version 5.0.1 2nd October 2019

  • Remove duplicate price on Product page

Version 5 1st October 2019

  • Onboarding improvements - Sample text and images used to improve UX
  • Slideshow improvements - Added optional overlay
  • Dropdown improvements - Added more spacing, and typography option to change font size
  • Header improvements - Option to have logo on left
  • Announcement Bar - Moved outside of header to make it easier to find
  • Typography improvements - Formerly no option to change header alignment, added in with option to change case
  • Change presets based on new demo stores
  • Product page improvements - Option to have images on left/right, and buy now above/below product description
  • Home page animations and page fades - Slight anims to soften the homepage design
  • Replace India flag SVG - Not sure what it was before, not the India flag (merch request)
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